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Spoiler Alert: Everest & Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Spoiler Alert

Everest:As the team treks ahead, Arjun gets into an imprompter dance imagining Everest in his arms. Abhyankar remembers the time when he was learning Salsa with Tara, their steps manoeuvring like one has to in the Khumbu glacier. Anjali calls Maithili while she still is with Vidhaan. Maithili tells her that it is not right to keep Vidhaan in the dark if she is in love with Aakaash. Anjali decides that it is time to make her own decisions and soon she emerges from her tent in complete mountaineering gear looking straight ahead at the Khumbu glacier. Reena interviews Dr. Balan but they are interrupted by Roongta who dismisses Balan’s real but grim analysis of the dangers of expedition. Feeling snubbed Dr. Balan leaves. Roongta gets angry and forces the camera to stop when Reena grills him asking questions about the dying image of his company, mismanagement of funds, corruption and the strife with his family. As the team crosses the 9th crevasse, a low rumbling sound is heard followed by a big movement in the glacier and everybody is thrown off ground. Reacting to this loud sound base camp tries to get in touch with the rescue team but there is no response. The glacier movement also throws Anjali off balance as she dangerously moves towards a crevasse on Khumbu. Nima who is the last one trying to cross the ladder sits down to maintain his balance as the bridge sways wildly.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita is disturbed with Adi’s outlook towards her and Raman notices her. Adi tells Shagun about how he taught Ishita a lesson and Shagun is proud of him. Ishita is affected by Adi’s words the previous night and we see her running pillar to post while in distress. In order to relax Ishita, Raman calls up Pammi aunty and asks her to send Ruhi back home and makes Ruhi speak to Ishita. Adi continues to behave normally with Ishita in front of everyone at home and she gets all the more confused by his gestures. Rinki comes home with gifts and is excited to meet everyone. Pammi aunty brings Ruhi back and then Ishita asks Ruhi if she missed her. Ruhi tells her that she didn’t miss them because she had so much fun there and later when Ishita reads her dairy, Ruhi confesses that she indeed missed her a lot. In the evening, they keep a welcome party for Rinki and everyone is enjoying. Rinki meets Mihir and they share a little about their break ups. Ishita is purposely not paying too much of attention to Raman and he decides to do something to grab her attention. Ishita goes to remind Adi about his medicines and gives him a glass of water while he replaces his medicines with Mrs Bhalla’s medicines. When Ishita goes to the bedroom in search of Raman, he surprises her and dances for her. Later Romi comes screaming that something has happened to Adi.

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