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Marriage Drama In Sony TV’ Humsafars


Humsafars: This is the episode where Sahir-Aarzoo wedding happens amidst a lot of drama, twists and turns. Wedding preparation are in full swing with everybody having different views on marriage. The drama begins in the marriage hall when Maulavi asks Aarzoo , Is she ready for marriage and suddenly everybody realizes that Aarzoo is not there behind the veil. Everybody is stunned. Zaki who is not there in the marriage hall has been informed about Aarzoo being misplaced.. We see a sad Aarzoo is walking on the burning coal looks all lost in herself, Zaki and Sahir both reach the backyard where she is there and we see Aarzoo falls in Sahir’s arm where she tells that she’s ready to get married to Sahir. Maulvi confirms them as a bride and groom in front of everyone when Sahir gets her back home his arms. Seeing Aarzoo little unconscious and hurt everybody gets shocked…

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