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Anu & Rajat To Meet At The Coffee Shop In Shastri Sisters

Shastri Sisters

Colors’ Shastri Sisters  is grabbing many eyeballs with its twists and turns created in the show.

As per the current track, Rajat steps out of the house to check if his commanding officer has arrived, and at the same time Anushka who is coming down the stairs, collides with Rajat. Suri then says that the department wants Rajat to join back immediately. Suri then asks Rajat to introduce him to his wife, and Rajat says that she has gone to her father’s house. Sareen’s happiness knows no boundaries and runs out to give the good news to Shastriji.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Alka will receive a message from unknown number  and she will get tensed and will decide to go and teach a lesson to the stranger at Green Hotel…Alka and Rohan will go to meet the stranger . At Sareen House, While rejoicing back to the duty Rajat will come to know that he has got promoted and been transferred to Dehradoon…..

Alka and Rohan will reach the hotel and , Rohan will tell her to wait outside and he will go inside and will teach the lesson to the stalker.

Here, Neil will try to convince Rajat and Devyani will try to convince Anu to go and have coffee . Finally Neil and Devyani will succeed in bringing Anu and Rajat infront of each other . In Coffee shop Anu will come to know that Rajat is going far from her by next morning , She will get sad and will not utter a word and will leave…..

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