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Sahir To Propose Aarzoo In Sony TV’ Humsafars


Humsafars: Zaki gets stuck at the hospital as Samaira’s drama goes on. Sahir gets Aarzoo out of the house where he has arranged her surprise birthday party. Seeing such beautiful arrangements , Aarzoo feels out of the world, Sahir then gesture her to look at the artificial moon which he has specially made for her, Aarzoo feels obliged seeing such a side of Sahir . Sahir makes her cut the cake and then asks for a dance. They dance together and as they lost in the moment, Sahir propose her and tells her “I Love You”. Aarzoo feels numbs as everything has stopped; but she stepped back and tells him ” I Don’t Love You”. She goes back to her room, Sahir follows her back, he asks her the reason as he feels that she also loves him. Aarzoo slams him saying you’re a man with 100 faces how can i trust you. Zaki some how gets out of the hospital, he reached back home and meets Aarzoo directly…

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