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Spoiler Alert: Nisha Aur Uske Cousins & EVEREST

Spoiler Alert

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins: Viraj informs Nisha of an upcoming inspection. He ask her to take care of the files. Later, When he finds her worried, he asks her the reason of her sadness…

EVEREST: Jagat tells Sarita that if it was his son he would have supported him but he will not support his daughter in this mission which can take her life and then the world will be pointing fingers at him. He tells Sarita to call her back rightaway. An ecstatic Shikha repeatedly watches the Everest news featuring Aakaash but Seema tells her again that he can never take her son’s Gaurav’s place. Jagat tells Vikram that he is calling Anjali back and they should prepare for the engagement but Vikram tells him that Anjali should finish her expedition and the engagement should be postponed till then. Seeing Phurba revering Yeti’s footmark, Aakaash wants to ask him some questions but he declines. Roongta breaks the news to everyone that they are on TV now. A stricken Anjali calls home, Sarita informs that her father has seen the news but it is not the right time for her to speak to him.

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