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Simar To Agree To Marry Vikrant In Sasural Simar Ka

Sasural Simar Ka

In Sasural Simar Ka, As per the current track Champa, who is pregnant and has been pushed by her husband, is very badly hurt and is in agony. The local Dai of the village also says that Champa’s life is in danger and she needs to go to the hospital. Simar then pleads with Vikrant and the village headman to let Champa be taken to the hospital, but both of them refuse to relent and walk away. On the other hand, Prem gets ready to try and rescue Simar from the village and makes his plan to do so.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, The villagers will come to know that Daksha baa is helping Roli and Simar. Sarpanch will tell that they both will be punished after Champa last rituals is done.

Vikrant will tell Simar if she will marry her than he can leave Roli and Baa alive and Vikrant will tell Sarpanch once he will marry Simar he can do whatever he want’s with Roli and Baa…

Simar will agree to marry Vikrant and Simar will tell Daksha baa and Roli that she is marrying Vikrant and they will be safe…

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