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Harshad Arora Shocked By Sudden End Of Beintehaa, Heads For South Africa

Harshad Arora

Harshad Arora (Zain)  who  spent a year of his life playing Aaliya (Preetika Rao’s)  husband in the soap Beintehaa woke up to a rude reality last week when he got to know that the serial was being discontinued without further notice.

Admits Harshad, “To be honest I had no idea this was coming. We were all taken aback by this sudden turn of events. There was no indication that the serial’s time was over. We had all become like one big family.We spent all our waking hours together. To be suddenly told we’d not be  a family anymore is heartbreaking.”

Harshad’s original plan was to take a holiday for two months after the serial ended.

“But then I suddenly got this offer to be on Fear Factor. This is a very prestigious show.And I love the outdoors.  I love adventure sports.During the last year I haven’t had a chance to do anything except shoot for the serial . It’s time for me to unwind.”

Harshad sees Fear Factor as a chance to de-stress. “I know Cape Town will be fun. I intend to apply myself a hundred percent to the show and find the time to have some fun. I don’t know any of the other contestants. So this is my chance to get to know some new interesting people.”

In spite of the sudden offer to get aggressively athletic Harshad says he’s prepared for the challenge. “Luckily in spite of the gruelling hours shooting my daily soap I am in good physical shape. I never compromised on my work-outs. Thank God for that. Otherwise I may not have been able to face the competition on Fear Factor.”

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