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Nikki To Lock Anu & Rajat Together In The Store Room In Shastri Sisters

Shastri Sisters

In Shastri Sisters, As per the current track Buaji’s daughter, Karishma reaches home and meeting Alka she is very happy. Buaji tells them all that Karishma will be staying for the next six months as she has to do a fashion designing course. On the other hand, Rajat comes to speak to Neel and asks him that why is he remaining aloof from him now a days, but at the same time Devyani calls Rajat up. Later, Devyani calls Alka and tells her that Rajat is not devoting any time to her.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes,Nikki under her plan will send Devyani and Peeya to market to but coffee packets and on the other hand Minti will send Rajat to get the cylinder from Shastri house. Devyani will come back from the market and she will hand over coffee packets to Nikki… Nikki will feeds bad word for Anu and will play a game against her and will make Devyani to doubt on her real sister.

She will tell her that Rajat and Anu is together in store room, Devyani will rush ..on the other hand Anu will tell Rajat to leave but some one will lock the door from outside….  Both Anu and Rajat will look puzzled…. Later it will be revealed that it’s Nikki who has locked the door from outside….

Nikki than will tell Devyani to call every body and Devyani will follow her instruction and will call Shastri ji right away…

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