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Veera To Decide To Let Baldev Go & Leave Everything To God In Veera

Veera Montage

Beyond Dreams’ popular show Veera has always attracted the audience with its enthralling track. The show has managed to keep its audiences glued to the show.

As per the current track On seeing Veera depressed, Ranvijay tries to console her and asks her to forget Baldev. Veera decides to ask Baldev to reconsider his decision. Amrit manages to mislead Bansari and convinces her to not cancel Baldev’s wedding with Simran.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Veera will try to postpone the marriage by sending fake swamiji and  messing up Baldev’s sherwanis  . Baldev will miss the banter he used to have with Veera, when Simran acts too sweet with him. Bansuri will catch Veera doing all the mischief and will warn her. Gunjan will begin to dislike Simran. Meanwhile, Veera will try to make Baldev jealous by flirting with Rajveer that will infuriate Baldev, but the plan will backfire when Baldev shouts at Veera and will ask her to attend his wedding. Veera will gets disheartened. Seeing Baldev perturbed, Bansuri will complain to Ratan about Veera.

Here Gunjan is threatened by the money lender to return her money.Chaiji will explain Veera to leave it up to God but don’t spoil a marriage as it’s supposed to be a sacred relationship. Veera will visit a Gurudwara and will decide to let Baldev go and leave everything to God. Gunjan in desperation, will forges Ranvi’s signature to take out money from the bank.

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