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Sahir To Save Aarzoo From Goons In Humsafars


Humsafars: In Tonights Episode, Sahir comes ahead and sits beside Aarzoo who is driving the car, there is awkward moment between both of them as the romantic songs is being played on Radio. Aarzoo stops the car on the jungle road where she sees one tea stall, Aarzoo and Sahir both goes to have tea, while they are having that the car falls in to the pit as Aarzoo forgot to put the hand break . Sahir and Aarzoo both are tired walking down the jungle and at one place they see s tent where they get rays of hop that they will get a place to sleep at night. Sahir punches the guy who tries to mis behave Aarzoo and then both of them runs as two more guys joins the guy who get punched. Sahir and Azrzoo both runs and hides till the goons go away. While trying to sleep, Sahir gets infatuated towards Aarzoo and seeing that happen he starts removing his frustration by hitting the tree with an axe, seeing this kind of behavior Aarzoo gets…

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