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Rocket Try To Get Intimate With Aaliya In Beintehaa


In Beintehaa, As per the current track Rocket comes for breakfast and sits in Usmaan Saab’s chair, realizing his folly he immediately corrects it. Aaliya then hands over the 51% share papers to Rocket, but he tears the papers in front of everyone. On the other hand, Zain who is in Rocket’s house regains consciousness but is not able to remember anything. Meanwhile, Rocket who is going towards his room is confronted by Zarina for having torn the papers.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Shazia will mix some medicine in the milk that Fahaad is preparing for Nafisa. She wnat’s to harm Nafisa’s child. Her attempt will fails. Rocket wants to come close to Aaliya but Aaliya will give him a medicine and Rocket will does off. Rocket will show Aaliya a ticket of movie. Zain will reach Mumbai . There will a hit and miss between Zain and Aaliya.

Rocket will discover that his mother is with Zain in Mumbai. Suraiya will meet Zain but thinks that it’s Zain look alike. Rocket’s mother will take him away. Suraiya will feel strange .

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