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Poll: Vote For Most Popular Jodi Of Indian Television

Most Popular Jodi's

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Results Will Be Announced On 13th Oct’ 14. (Previously it was scheduled for 11th Oct. but due to some problem it was delayed)

16 thoughts on “Poll: Vote For Most Popular Jodi Of Indian Television

  1. Recently, I wrote in a comment that notice, by the way, more than once, that the poll takes place vote manipulations: first, the couple Rudra Paro, now couples: Randhir-Sanyukta. Yesterday it was – was 8,816 – 8,034 votes. To monitor the dynamics of voting, I began to write down everything and double noticed that! Please Note that this was before! Shamelessly downgrade “RANGRASIYA”, when 20 000 thousand votes, he was ahead of 2nd place, and after 15 minutes already behind by 30 000 thousand votes. Consequently, the other series in the 15 minutes needed to get 50,000 votes! I almost fell off the chair !!!!!! Now whether or not to participate in this poll, when not sparkled before the show, as “yeast” began to grow rating: day and night with the same intensity ?????

  2. Something wrong with voting . for one vote for an actoress it jumps 100 time to leading acotr ?even if we vote it is not raiasingor getting to the person whom we are voting. how can be so fast the one person??? poll rigging? or tellyexpress itself beyond all this

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