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Bilal To Ask Zain To Confront Rehaan In Beintehaa


In Beintehaa, The Halala Nikaah of Aaliya is being held in the Barkat Villa. On the other hand, Bilaal and Zarina visit a beauty parlor to get ready for the marriage. Meanwhile, Zain seeing Aaliya dressed up as a bride is heartbroken but has no other option. Later, the Qazi asks for Bilaal and Zain calls up Zarina to find out about Bilaal. Zarina tells Zain that he has left in the car sent by Zain, but Zain tells Zarina that he did not send a car.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Heart-broken Zain will hear Aaliya saying Qubool Hai, He stops , flanked on either side by Bilaal and Zareena. Zain will be rotted to the spot. Bilal will tell Zain that he should confront Rehaan and expose him, but Zain will say that he can’t because Aaliya’s happiness is at stake. Rehaan and Aaliya will sign the Nikaahnaama. Zain will tell Suraiya that Rehaan is the person who is behind the kidnapping.

Aayat will overhear Zain and Suraiya conversation. Aaliya will explain Zain that Rehaan is a good man, it pierces Zain’s heart. Rehaan’s car will disappear from Zain’s view, he will bring his fist with a bang on the roof of the car. Tears will well up in his eyes..

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