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Myrah To Make Mohini Realize Her Mistake In Rangrasiya


In Rangrasiya, As Per the current track Mohini comes back from the pickle making competition after losing to Shatabdi. As they are speaking, they hear a baby crying in the house and rush inside. On the other hand, Myrah is putting Dhruv to sleep when Rohit comes and asks her why she is interfering in the family matters of Rudra. Suddenly; they hear Mohini shouting and Myrah rushes out to check. Outside, Mohini tells Maitalee that she had warned her previously not to adopt a child. She also tells Maitalee to leave the child from where she had brought it.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Mohini wants to oust them out of the house. But Rudra will say that he now owns the house and that she has no right to do so. Myrah later works towards making Mohini realize her mistakes. Mohini has a change of heart and will accept the baby. She will admit to all her misdeeds in the past and promise to reform.

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