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Ruhi’s Baby Demand To Upset Raman & Ishita In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein ,Raman enters the room that the old man has given them to stay over for the night. The room is dark so Raman switches on the light. He sees that Ishita is covering her face & body as she has got some skin allergic reaction due to cake. Raman sees her hand and face & the allergy is really bad. Ishita is feeling embarrassed. But Raman gets some neem water & swabs her whole body.

He takes care of Ishita whole night. Early morning Ishita sees that the reaction has gone . She looks for Raman to thank him . Raman enters furious and tell her that those old couple apparently were thieves. They have taken his wallet, car everything. He is firing Ishita for being nice & just then cops come in with the old couple & their stuff. They tell Raman that since he called them last night for car & described the couple, they were able to trace them back. Ishita is relieved and they leave for the resort. Here all the women are upset with the men & they are sitting at the distance. On one silly topic their argument starts. By then Raman & Ishita walks in & tries to pacify them. Simmi is still unhappy as she can see each one with their partner and she all alone. Ishita tries to make a conversation with her but she walks out. Now Raman & Ishita plan to bring the family together by making them participate in the upcoming cooking contest which is organized by the resort. They instigate each couple against other and all agree to compete. Raman & Ishita are now looking forward to this competition.

Meanwhile, Raman and Ishita’s daughter Ruhi demands to Ishita for a sister and which will make both Raman and Ishita sad. Ishita can never conceive that is why Raman married her.

Let’s see how both Raman and Ishita will handle this situation and make Ruhi understand….

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