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Dev To Meet With An Accident In Ek Hasina Thi

Ek Hasina Thi

In Ek Hasina Thi, Dev decides to quit the cancer project as he understands that his and Durga’s growing friendship is hurting Shaurya but Rajnath convinces him not to do so and he promises to handle Shaurya. Sakshi and Raima are optimistic about their game plan to get Durga face to face with Shekhar will help them unravel the mystery behind Durga.

Shaurya and Karan plan to get Dev killed in a road accident. Durga and Dayal come to the party where both are suspicious of Goenka’s plan and Dayal warns Durga to be cautious. Shekhar and durga come face to face. Sakshi, Raima and Shekhar eagerly wait to see if Durga recognizes Shekhar. Dayal apprehensive about Durga not recognizing shekhar.

It is a close shave for Durga as she manages to avert Shekhar’s plan. Shekhar still believes that the Durga he met is very different from the durga he knew in US and he requests Sakshi to give him one more chance. Durga instructs Akash to find out more about Shekhar . Dev’s friend Gautam gets an anonymous call from someone who knows about payal rape case. He informs Dev and they both decide to meet this person. This is a trap set by Shaurya. When Dev reaches the highway a truck hits his car.

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