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Spoiler Alert: Sasural Simar Ka, Balika Vadhu & Uttaran

Spoiler Alert

Sasural Simar Ka: Roli drops the diary and leaves from there. Kartik gets the diary but finds it blank. Roli calls Simar and tells her about Aditi and how Aditi told her that Sunaina had called her post the accident. Also she tells about the diary. Simar is shocked and thinks she will have to find out the truth.

Balika Vadhu: Anandi tells Pramila that they don’t take the donations, to which Pramila says that she will buy some products. At the naturopathy clinic , Subhadra yells about the food, room , bed and everything around her creating a hassle. The doctor calls Kalyani and tells her about the racket that Subhadra is creating and she decides to return to the clinic. Saurabh plans on artifacts to fall on Saanchi and when this happens he goes to save her. Vivek hugs Saurabh on knowing about him saving Saanchi. Subhadra tosses the glass of Gaumootra and it spills over Kalyani. Pramil asks Anandi to come to her academy to see the girls perform. As soon as the nurse leaves, Subhadra drains the Gaumootra down the drain.

Uttaran:  Meethi manages to run out of the house again and lands up calling Damini, but fails to speak with her due to Ashfaq. Meethi realizes Ashfaq was right Pakistan police won’t trust her for the time being she is stuck here in Pakistan. Nusrat’s engagement celebrations happening at Rizvi house. Meethi  bumps into Asgar. Meethi looks on, trying to recognize her.

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