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Aditya To Confess His Crime In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


There have been a lot of speculations going over the culprit in Balaji Telefilms’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein on Star Plus.First Mihir was suspected than Shagun admitted that she is behind the accident of Mrs. Iyer.

As per current track,Romi pretends to be sick. Ishita decides to meet Ruhi, and visits her school. She sees Raman and Shagun together, and enquires him about his whereabouts. Shagun notices Ishita. She asks Raman to tighten her seat belt with an intention of creating differences between him and Ishita.

Shagun try to exploit Raman’s feelings through their son Aditya. Shagun has realized that she can now use Aditya well and thus once again try to create a rift between Ishita and Raman through their son Aaditya.

We already reported in our earlier article that Raman will come to know that Adi was behind this accident .

So as per our source in it’s upcoming episode  Aditya will confess his crime in front of  Raman leaving Raman shocked and shattered. Raman will be in dilemma as we know Raman weakness is his love for his son Aditya.

Source informed that Raman will try to cover up his crime in front of Ishita and his family members….

Will Ishita forgives Raman or this revelation will make difference between them.

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