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Spoiler Alert: Balika Vadhu, Sasural Simar Ka & C.I.D

Spoiler Alert

2oth June 2014:

Sasural Simar Ka: Sid tries to get Surbhi and Prem closer . Anjali recognizes Simar and goes to her.

Balika Vadhu: In Udaipur, Brijesh and Rashika are making merry at having given the police a blank tape of CCTV footage . There Anandi comes to meet Brijesh to dig up some information about Rashika, (While she hid in the room) when she spots a ladies hand bag (Same used by Rashika in the court room earlier) , but it doesn’t strike Anandi. In Jaitsar , a worker come to Badi haveli pointing out to Vasant that he has been paid less than he is due. Vasant loses his cool on the worker . Anandi tries to meet Brijesh’ s divorce. It was stated by Ram Singh that Brijesh got divorced when Rashika was working with him but Anandi is unable to gain any information on that matter. At Udaipur court, during the hearing the judge disallow Vivek to probe into Beijesh’s personal life if it has no bearing to the case at hand. The Judge adjourn the day by stating the police to do proper investigate.

C.I.D: Niharika, the daughter of a renounced billionaire- Lalit comes to india with her fiance-Rahul after studying in UK for some years. She plans her wedding as well setting up her business. During the trip, Nihirika gets attacked by 4-5 snipers in a high end restaurant. Her adviser dies in the attack and she gets injured. CID gets on the case and they are shocked to realize that she has come to India    after 15 yrs as she went abroad for her studies when she was 10. Cops wonder then, why will some one try to kill her??? They ask her if she  has enemies. Niharika says that there were two father’s employees- Mita and Saaket but they have long been dead and they are the ones who killed her father and mother. Cops go after the Snipers to find more. ACP is informed about the case and he doesn’t show up at the bureau and he goes to meet a mysterious person instead.

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