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Bhishma To Attack Yudhisthira, Arjun To Save Him In Mahabharat


In Star Plus Mahabharat we had seen that the Padavas decide to avenge Uttar’s death.The Pandavas become dejected by Uttar’s death. They decide to take revenge for the same. Yudhishthir decides to capture Duryodhan on the next day. Meanwhile, the Kuru army celebrates the victory of the first day. Shalya feels guilty for being responsible for Uttar’s death. Bhishma informs Duryodhan that the Pandavas will rise stronger. Dhrishtadyumna informs the Pandavas that their army has suffered a loss of an akshauhini. Arjun decides to face Bhishma, the next day.

Now in it’s upcoming episodes, Yudhisthir will challange Bhishma to fight him. Meanwhile, Bhima wants to fight Duryodhan but Shakuni will intervenes and will tell his soldiers to attack Bhima.  Bhishma will intervene when he sees Bhima furiously attacking Duryodhan. Meanwhile, the Pandavs will be worried as they think it’s impossible for them to kill Bhishma. Bhishma will decide to fight the Pandavas and makes sure they surrender. On the other hand, Bhishma will attack Yudhisthira but somehow Arjun will save him.

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