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Shaurya To Get Angry On Seeing Dev & Durga In Close Proximity In Ek Hasina Thi

Ek Hasina Thi

In Ek Hasina Thi, Sakshi tells Rajnath that she has Sagarika on mind for Shaurya and tells him to initiate the discussion in Ganguly’s anniversary party. Durga engineers a situation so that Sagarika gets the strength to confront her father. Ganguly beats Sagarika up for confronting him about his affair. Durga gets a call from Akash informing her that an unknown woman has sourced RTI files for Payal’s rape case. Durga is unaware that the woman is Sonali, the lawyer wife of Dev’s best friend. Sonali waits for Dev at a mall oblivious to the fact that Durga is trailing her. Durga is unable to trail Sonali and is unable to see Dev as well. Ganguly warns his wife and daughter to keep mum about the physical abuse and put on a happy face for the anniversary party.

Ganguly is ecstatic after Rajnath proposes the Shaurya-Sagarika alliance. Though Sakshi takes an instant liking for Sagarika, she is mighty upset with Shaurya for coming to the party escorting Durga. Durga plans to switch the presentation of an homage that Shaurya has made for Ganguly’s party with a video that shows his misdeeds. As she is about to switch the CD’s, she encounters Dev. Durga successfully manages to switch the CD’s. Shaurya is extremely angry on seeing Dev and Durga in close proximity.

Sakshi is worried that Durga is upto something and her fears come true when the homage presentation of Ganguly exposes his true vile and abusive side. While other influential guests distance themselves from Ganguly, the Goenkas come in a tight spot for recommend Ganguly as the VC. Durga comes to their rescue and tells the media that Goenkas were themselves unaware of Ganguly’s dastardly acts. Durga is glad that another target has bit the dust and that the Goenkas have no idea what storm awaits them the next day.

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