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“Yuddh” To Begin, Krishna To Deliver Geeta Gyan To Arjun In Mahabharat


In Star Plus Mahabharat this week, Indra asks for Arjun’s divya kawach and kundals; he is bleeding; Arjun arrives, he is angry with Indra; Indra blesses Karn with a special weapon, Karn challenges Arjun that he would kill him using the same weapon. Karn faints, Kunti arrives, she is broken.Krishna tells Shakuni that this war is the result of all he plotted against Hastinapur.Krishna warns Shakuni that every wrong that is done in the name of dharm will be considered right only. He declares this war will be recalled in the world till the time ends as – “MAHABHARAT “.Shakuni and Duryodhan are furious as they learn about Karn’s daan, Shakuni says they no more need Karn without his kawach and kundals; Kunti overhears.

Only Nakul and Sehdev have special medicines to heal Karn; Kunti is unsure if they will help Pandavas are in conversation; Shalya is coming with two of his Akshauhani sena; Kunti arrives, asks Nakul and Sehdev to help Karn; She is about to speak truth about Karn’s relation to them.Arjun enters; his in favor to heal Karn, Yudhishtir agrees. Ashwathama and Dushasan disguise as Mantris, fools Madra Raja Shalya. Nakul and Sehdev treat Karn, Kan is healed. Nakul and Sehdev see Shalya with Kaurav’s, they get furious, Shalya is sorry; Nakul and Sehdev take a pledge to kill Shalya and Shakuni respectively. Pandavas are worried, they have less army then Kaurav’s; Krishna assures if they fight wisely, they don’t need more soldiers to win the battle and for this they should plot Bheeshm’s death first. Kunti is worried about her children, Bheeshm says he knows her secret.Kauravas are having a pre-war meeting; Bheeshm says that Karn cannot participate in the war as he has not shown his compliance yet; Duryodhan denies, he says even if Bheeshm leaves his post, he would be ok with Karn becoming the Senapati.

Karn is obliged on Duryodhan’s confidence on him; he has something to show to Duryodhan, he takes him where the soldiers preparing for war singing about their trust in Bheeshm; Karn explains him how important is Bheeshm’s role in the war.Karn promises he would always be there outside the battle field waiting for Duryodhan’s call. Last night before the war, soldiers are having nice moments with their families before the battle; Arjun watches this emotionally, Draupadi is watching her family dining together, she is worried. Arjun standing under a tree, night to day transition, its “yuddh ka din”. Krishna arrives riding a chariot, He declares he is going to be Arjun’s sarthi for the war. Kauravas doing pooja, they are leaving for war, Duryodhan meets Karn, they embrace each other. Pandavas are worshiping Kaal Bhairav; everyone is ready with their armours; Draupadi blesses her son; Kunti arrives and blesses Pandavas.

On the battle ground, armies arrive from both the sides waiting for orders, Yudhishtir races his chariot towards Kaurav’s side, Bheeshm blesses Yudhishtir for victory, Kauravas are tensed.Gandhari and few Bramhins are doing Mahamriyunjay Jaap; Vedvyas arrives, Rajmata Satyavati have passed and he has brought her Asthikalash to handover Dhritrashtra. He blesses Sanjay with divyadrishti so now he would narrate Dhritrashtra the live view of war.Krishna is about to blow the conch, Arjun stops him, asks Krishna to take him to the mid of the battle field; Krishna gets angry on Arjun being unsure. Geeta Gyan begins.

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