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I Hardly Have Time To Date: Drashti Dhami


She is young, beautiful and absolutely one of the most desirable women in television industry. Drashti Dhami has always been in news for her alleged link-ups and break-ups, more than her work. Recently she has been in news for her alleged affair with Siddharth Shukla of ‘Balika Vadhu’ fame but alas as per Drashti Dhami aka Madhubala there is no truth to it.

Drashti spoke at length about her personal life when asked about her connection with Siddharth Shukla. Drashti says “The news is so weird. Of course I know Siddharth well since Jhalak days. We bonded well as contestants in the last season. But we didn’t get time to meet after Jhalak. Recently I met him at Gold Awards and sat together and bonded well. And since then the news has been doing rounds. It’s crazy. Can’t I sit at an award function with my friend? I have stopped reacting to such news.”

Drashti might refute the news of her affair with Siddhartha but on a serious note when we asked Drashti about her love life, this is what she had to say “I really have no time to date. I work almost every day. I hardly get off and leave. Really I am always into work. As of now I can’t think about it.”

Well Drashti we would say, love doesn’t need any extra time. It just happens. It’s the right time, so just let it happen.

One thought on “I Hardly Have Time To Date: Drashti Dhami

  1. 1st of al..ds line is nt true dt she s in news fr her link-ups & brk -ups..& 2nd thng is each time Tellychakkar posts such an article & other news portals copy dt article blindly..This habit needs to b chnged.Evryone knows for sm unknown (err…Known) reason Tellychakkar team dnt lk Drashti at al..Bt dey are stoopng to soo’s really pathetic

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