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Spoiler Alert: Balika Vadhu, Sasural Simar Ka, Bani & Uttaran

Spoiler Alert

Uttaran: Yuvaan gets closer to Mukta. Meethi made a drink something  that would make her unconscious. Titli is jealous seeing Maharani favoring Meethi. Kanha reaches the brothel and is in touch with Rathore and Akash, he has entered as a customer. Yuvaan gets scared as Tapasya gets special Doctor flown down to check Vishnu . Titli is all set to throw acid on semi conscious Meethi when the door is opened by Kanha insistence . Kanha notices Meethi and vice versa. Maharani screams at Titli for attempting to harm Meethi. A Shiekh calls Maharani (It’s Rathore) . Yuvaan threatens the doctor that he would expose his previous accidental deaths if he spoke the truth to Tapasya. Maharani pulls a reluctant Meethi to present her to Sheikh ,Maharani present her infront of Sheikh.

Sasural Simar Ka: Jwala Devi sees the footage and warns the family of dire consequences. Mataji’s life is in danger ,the family manages to save her but the house papers are stolen. Jwala Devi reaches the Bhardwaj house with a bulldozer in order to demolish it.

Bani- Ishq Da Kalma: Sohum shares with Bani that doctor said that he’s recovering fast but Bani is thoughtful, Sohum ask for reason ,Bani says that she’s thinking of Rajji, Sohum tells her to let Rajji sort out her difference out her problems but sees that Bani’s sad & then that they’ll go to meet her. Rajji cooking. Surjeet stops her, Raymon comes & sees Surjeet helping Rajji & ask Surjeet to help her instead & pretends as she also told Rajji not to work. Rajji tells Surjeet that she by her own wants to manage . Raymon tells to Rajji to wear western outfit & tell her to arrange 6 inches heels & to do catwalk. Rajji tries to say that she can’t but Raymon blackmails . Rajji strongly tells Raymon that for Sohum’s sake she can do anything or everything so she’ll wear these gowns. Raymon greets all ladies & takes them to play cards, Raymon asks Rajji to get some thing to drink for guests.

Balika Vadhu:  Subhadra speaks rudely to Anmol. He’s left horrified. In the hospital , an emotional Jagya speaks to Gulli and tells her to wake up and save Dadisa. A scared Anmol speaks on the phone to Anandi but doesn’t reveal his fear for  Subhadra. Kalyani is bought to court . Shiv’s new lady PA Rasika joins her duty. The court case begins at Jaitsar. Harish (Friend Of Het Singh’s Son) lies infront of the judge against Kalyani and Gulli in favor of Het Singh and his late son.

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