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Raman & Ishita To Have A Candle Light Dinner In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein next week,Ishita has back home & before everyone settles down for dinner, she goes and talks to Simmi because she knows that Simmi is still hurt by everything that has happened. Ishita tells Simmi that she must be courageous enough to support the step that has been taken for Param. Ishita tells her that she is always there to support her but she also wants Simmi to co-operate. Simmi is very angry but enacts that she is fine. We reveal that Param has told Simmi to maintain calm & to play low for some time in the house. Its Sunday but Vandita and Bala is in college for extra classes.

Vandita overhears few girls talking that Bala is very cute and handsome. She smiles and she goes to Bala’s cabin to pull his leg. While they were having the conversation Romi enters to talks about the exam papers. Vandita is not very happy that Bala is interacting with him, especially about exam papers because she knows that he was close to Jaffer. Bala somehow spins the situation by saying that he was only trying to help him as he is very nervous concering re-exam. Bala’s plan is to expose Romi but he doesn’t tell Vandita about it.Trisha insists that Mihir must take her for shopping. Mihir couldn’t resist and he tells her to get ready. She leaves to change and just then Mihir gets a call from a restaurant where he has booked a table for 2 for Raman & ishita.

The time when Mihika overhears him, he is in the mid of conversation & she feels that Mihir has planned a dinner with Trisha. She gets angry. Mihir goes to Bhalla’s house, makes a story to send Raman-Ishita on a date & tells Raman that there is a cocktail party organized which he must attend along with Ishita. Though Raman doesn’t want to go, but Mihir insists. Hearing Mihir, Bhallas decides that they shall also go out dinner tonight. Now , while everyone is getting ready to go out, there is a confusion and Bhalla’s think Raman & Ishita have left so they lock the door from outside and leave but just then we see Raman-Ishita are still inside the house, locked, left to spend time with each other. Ishita remembers how once she was locked up in a similar way with Subu & then she asks Raman if he ever liked anyone during his college days. Raman cooks up a nice romantic story and teases Ishita, and we see Ishita is getting affected. Since Raman still thinks that he was supposed to attend a cocktail party he calls up Mihir to explain the situation. Mihir purposefully doesn’t pick up the call thinking that Raman must have reached the restaurant and therefore must have come to know the real plan. Meanwhile Raman calls up the client who was throwing the party to apologize and here he comes to know that there no such party organized. He understands that this must be the plan of Mihir. Ishita cooks Upma for Raman and herself and suddenly lights go off, they lit up the candles and we see Raman Ishita having a candle light dinner. While all this is happening, a dangerous thief enters into their house.

Raman and Ishita are sitting in the hall, lit by candles, having their dinner when Ishita hears some sounds and then forces Raman to check into the room. Raman himself is scared, but goes to check. There he comes face to face with the thief and both start shouting, we see both of them on bed , totally scared and we reveal they both are afraid of a cockroach on the floor. There is a nice comic scene where Raman actually sympathizes with the thief as he is forced to earn by his wife. The thief shares his plight and Raman is touched by this, they have this man to man talk where they share their plight. Ishita is amazed by Raman’s smooth talk with the thief. Raman lets him go, and also gives him some money so that his wife doesn’t get angry that he has come empty handed. Ishita is angry and she locks herself in the room and starts listening to radio. She suddenly hears Raman’s voice on-air.

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