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Spoiler Alert: Madhubala, Veera, Nadaan Parinde & Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

Spoiler Alert

Madhubala: Raju kills Abhay. Madhu learns about Raju’s past and meets his family. He is actually R.K.’s look-alike K.R.K.’s son and who had met with an accident a year ago and become mentally unstable.

Veera: Bansiri manipulates Ranvi to step back from the Sarpanch’s elections. Baldev goes to file his nomination for the elections and is shocked to see that Ranvi also turns up there.

Nadaan Parinde: Sameer wants to return all the gifts that Meher had given him, so that it becomes easy to forget her. But eventually ends up keeping everything with himself, Meher gets extremely emotional and hugs Sameer, leaving him surprised. Is there more to this hug than just friendship?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:  Raman goes to Ishita’s clinic to meet Sarika so that he can talk to her & find out all the details. Over there he is informed that Sarika has not been coming to work. Somehow he manages to pull out her residence address & decides to go there. Raman reaches Sarika’s building and is told by the guard that she is not in her room. Later the guard says that she has just entered the building and points to a girl on a scooty. Raman sees her and remembers that he had seen her once with Param. Raman is now very sure that Param has been lying about many things. Shagun who has been informed about Raman & Ishita’s separation has come to the court to meet the Judge. She tells her that how Raman and Ishita enacted well to win over Ruhi’s custody. Judge is furious to learn this and she agrees to go with Shagun to Bhalla’s house to review this matter. Mihir, who has come here to meet him company lawyer, sees them leave together & suspects danger. He tries calling up Raman , but his phone is busy. At home, Param is talking to Sarika & is threatening her to be silent about this whole thing. Raman overhears that & he is not very sure that Param is not innocent. Before he could gather his thought, the doorbell rings and we see Judge entering the house with Shagun. There are tension & nervousness.

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