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Ishita Of “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” Fights Against Sexual Harassment


Gone are the days of docile and fragile bahus, who always struggled to keep her mother-in-law and family happy. Today’s bahus are more real and are shown doing realistic things and the recent example of

Divyaka Tripathi aka Ishita’s fight against sexual harassment has proved it once again.

Ishita’s brother-in-law Parmeet have been harassing Ishita for a while in the show but Ishita chose to ignore it, as Parmeet is a family member and she doesn’t want to create any tension in her in-laws family by bringing up the issue. But in one of the recent episode Ishita fights vehemently against Param’s evil’s intentions. It so happens, that Ishita’s husband Raman and his entire family go out for a movie leaving, Param and Ishita alone in the house. Param takes advantage of the situation and tries to molest Ishita but here comes the twist in the tale. The docile bahu fights with Param, slaps him and runs out of his custody.

Ishita and Param had a tough time shooting this entire scene but at the same time they enjoyed doing something different from the regular stuff. Talking a dig at Param played by Anurag, Ishita says “He deserved it. I slapped him in real. Look at him; he is “daamad” of Bhalla house. But he is such a pervert. Now I am going to disclose this to the entire family.”

But on a serious note, Ishita gave a very loud and clear message to the girls saying “This episode is a message to all the girls who silently go through sexual harassment. Our intention is to pass message to the women of the society who choose to ignore these things if their relatives or family members are involved. Come on, speak up. No one else will speak for us. We have to protect our dignity and I suggest all the girls to act brave in such situation.”

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