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“Mahabharat” To Begin In Mahabharat

In Star Plus Mahabharat This Week,Bheeshma gives his blessings to Pandavs to go for war. He comes back to Hastinapur, where Shakuni makes him feel guilty for encouraging Pandavs to commence war & misery. Bheeshma visits Ganga after a long while, she says its better to go for a huge struggle now to save the future from adharmis. Back in Virat Draupadi suggests the Pandavs to go and ask Krishna to be on their side for the war.
Shakuni & Duryodhan meet Krishna & Balram in Dwarika to convince Balram to give Narayani sena to his shishya Duryodhan for the war. Suddenly Shakuni & Duryodhan are being surrounded by fierce looking Narayani soldiers, Shakuni shocked, Krishna replies Arjun & Subhadra’s son Abhimanyu is practicing to enter a chakravyuh. We introduce Abhimanyu. Balram invites Duryodhan for a gadayudh in the arena where Duryodhan puts up an act of being innocent. Arjun arrives at Dwarika, and for the first time meets his son Abhimanyu.Abhiamanyu tells Arjun that Duryodhan has also come. Arjun reaches the arena and hears Balram saying that him and Krishna will not take up shastras from any of the sides. Arjun is shocked.
Arjun meets Subhadra, Arjun tells her about the decision, Subhadra smiles and tells him that it doesn’t matter if Krishna is not taking up weapons, he just needs to be on their side.In Dwarika, Balram & Krishna come across an outrageous incident where men are betting on their wives on Gadayudh, Krishna says this has been going on for a while, and nobody would be able to stop it once adharm goes out of bounds, thats why this war is necessary. In Dwarika palace Abhimanyu tells an arrogant Duryodhan that Krishna can never choose their side, Balram comes and says its true, and that he has let Krishna decide whose side he wants to choose.
Shakuni hurries Duryodhan to go and seek for his compliance, on the hand Subhadra tells Arjun to go ask for Krishna’s blessings. Arjun reaches Krishna’s chambers and sees Duryodhan sitting already near his head, Arjun goes and sits at his feet and when Krishna opens his eyes he sees Arjun first and asks him want he wants Narayani sena or Krishna without any arms.Arjun chooses Krishna over Narayani sena. Kunti tells an arrogant Dhritarashtra that she is happy that Krishna is on Pandavas as her sons are in the hands of god now. Krishna tells Shakuni that there will tricks played in the war, and Bheeshma, Drona & Karna will be tricked to death.Pandavas & Draupadi just want war now.
They declare the date of war and send the message to Hastinapur. In Hastinapur, Karn delivers the message. Dhritarashtra orders to call the seer Jaimini to find about the outcomes of the war. Krishna tells Arjun, Subhadra & Abhimanyu that an era with end with Bheeshma, and Abhimanyu will be the beginning of a new era. Abhimanyu, Arjun & Subhadra unknown of the real truth are happy. Draupadi arrives at the gates, shoots an arrow which creates fire stopping Abhimanyu from entering, Draupadi asks him who are you everyone is shocked.

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