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Yudhistir Looses All His Wealth In Chausar In Mahabharat


In Star Plus Mahabharat Next Week, In Rajasuya yagya Shishupal further goes onto insult Bheeshma, all this while Krishna watches him..says nothing until Shishupal crosses the line & looses count of his mistakes he questions Draupadi & Krishna’s relationship..Krishna’s looses his cool..and cuts off Shishupal’s head with his Sudarshan chakra.. Duryodhan rebels seeing this.. takes up his weapon & calls for a fight. As a punishment Draupadi suggests Yudhishtir that they take away his weapons. Pandavs take away Duryodhan Karn & Dusshasan’s weapons.

An angry Duryodhan speedily walks out of the Mayasabha, he accidently falls into a water body..everyone start laughing in the sabha..while a daasi comments “Andhe ka putra andha hi hota hai kya?”..A furious duryodhan turns around looks back & sees Draupadi laughing on him..his anger rises..he leaves in a rage. Duryodhan comes back to Hastinapur & starts burning the palace & himself in his rage..until Dussahsan comes suggests they should go to Shakuni for help to take revenge.

Duryodhan stops Shakuni who is on his way to Gandhar tries to convince him..tells him that this time he doesn’t want to just overthrow them.. Shakuni says they should squash their honor and self esteem by targeting Draupadi.Krishna hurts himself while flying the kite..Draupadi tears side of her duppatta and ties it on the wound.. Krishna tells Draupadi there are times when you think that everything is good and in your hands but just then time takes everything away from you..Krishna says no matter what he’ll be with her always. Arjun tell Subhadra how to break a chakravyuh..Subhadra falls asleep in the middle. Vidur reaches Indraprastha with the invitation Arjun asks him what would he advice personally, Vidur downright says they shouldn’t go to the game, they should never trust Shakuni’s evil mind.Despite Vidur’s advice & everybody refusing the invitation. Yudhishtir accepts the invitation. Pandavas arrive at Hastinapur to a false welcome.

Sahdev gets bad intuitions as soon as they enter the dyut sabha, Arjun Convinces him saying Bheeshm will never let any bad happening to them. Bheeshma is worried, he doubts Shakuni’s evil mind will keep quiet and decides to speak to Duryodhan. Duryodhan looks at Draupadi entering the sabha, and reveals his evil plan to disrobe her, Shakuni & Dusshasan shocked.Duryodhan reveals his evil plans of disrobing Draupadi, Shakuni is surprised at the idea. Bheeshma warns Duryodhan not to do anything inappropriate, Duryodhan nods & smiles innocently. Everyone arrive in the sabha. Game rules are laid out rule 1 no women to be present or allowed in the sabha except daasis, rule 2 both the sides should bet things equally important rule 3 since duryodhan doesn’t own much property both sides will bet whatever or whoever they are proud of & have an right over. Yudhishtir agrees to all the rules unknown of the consequences.

The game begins, Yudhishtir bets his whole wealth, Duryodhan bets whatever wealth he has earned on his own, Shakuni throws the magic dices. On the other hand Draupadi is getting restless in the women’s chambers. Yudhishtir looses his wealth.

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