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Mahabharat Team Shoots “Cheer-Haran” Scene For Seventeen Days


How far a daily soap maker can go to shoot a high-point? Well not too far as the pressure of daily soap doesn’t allow makers to experiment much with a particular sequence but the makers of Mahabharat have created a record of sorts by shooting “cheer-haran” and “chausar” sequence for the last seventeen days.


Pooja aka Draupadi says “It is a never ending sequence that we are shooting. For the last seventeen days all the actors are wearing same clothes and shooting chausar (game of dice) and later the climax of chausar sequence is cheer-haran scene, which we are shooting for the last three days.”


Adding to it Pooja says “The scene has drained out all of us as it is very intense and also a very sensitive one. I have to look completely battered and devastated and to bring out the real emotions I have to feel the same way.”


Apart from Draupadi, Dussasan is doing the maximum hard-word for this scene as he have been continuously pulling Draupadi’s sari for the shot for last few days. To make the scene perfect he has been giving takes after takes. However he is not complaining as here he is getting maximum chance to show his villainous acting skills. Nirbhaya says “See it is so difficult to pull sari. I wonder how real Dussasan did it.”


Well we really hope that makers of the show get all the appreciation for this scene.

-By NR


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