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Kamini Ask Shraddha To Leave Dhruv Inorder To Marry Kunal In Meri Bhabhi


In Star Plus Meri Bhabhi we had seen that Kritika informs Nisha that she has recorded the conversation. Kamini offers Rs. 11000 to the goddess as Kunal and Shraddha’s marriage has got cancelled. Purshottam informs Kamini about Nisha’s misdeed. The Shergill family becomes delighted on learning that Kunal is innocent. Dhruv apologises to Kunal. Dildaar informs Zorawar that he has given the furniture, brought for Shraddha’s wedding, on rent. Daman and Kamini have an argument regarding the arrangements of the marriage.

Before marriage there is going to be a hen’s party in which Ashish , Ishan , Anand & Kunal will enter the party dressed as women …In the party Shraddha gets drunk.While drunken Shraddha will tell Kamini that she will try to be a good daughter-in-law to her

Further, Kunal will take Dhruv to a shop for the sherwani measurement and will inform Shraddha that Dhruv is with him.just then he finds Kamini and Puru there and will start talking to them leaving Dhruv at the shopkeeper. Dhruv will go out looking for Kunal but cant find him and will get lost. Kunal and everyone will comes to know that Dhruv is lost,Everyone will be stunned.

Kunal will search Dhruv but cant find him. Just then Shraddha will reaches there in the mall and will grab Kunals collar and will ask him about Dhruv that where is he seeing this  Kamini is shocked ,but soon Dhruv will screams for help as he has been locked inside the washroom just then a cleaner hears this and will try to open the door but he cant open so he goes out for help just then Kunal will hear this he goes inside and will rescues Dhruv. Shraddha will sees dhruv coming she will feel relieved.

Outside the house all the men see Kamini coming in. She  will say that she has some work with Shraddha and will come towards hall. She will enter  inside and will tell Shraddha that if she wants to marry Kunal she will have to leave Dhruv. Everyones laughter will fade out. Amrit and Kittu  will say that what is she talking about, Kamini  will say that after the mall incident she is very unsure about Shraddha becoming the good wife she will be only a mother.

Further, Buaji and Amrit will try to make Kamini understand just then all the men of the house come inside and and buaji will tell them what Kamini has been talking and she has kept a condition that Shraddha will choose either Kunal or Dhruv. Zor and everyone will be shocked. He gets angry and will ask Kamini to get out and Kamini will leaves, Zor gets angry and then tells that he will call up Puru and will tell him that Kamini had come home and she did all this. So please dont get baraat to our house,Kunal  will call up Zor and will says sorry to Zor and will say that nothing can stop the marriage it will happen and it will happen tomorrow, but Zor will be adamant and he will say that now the marriage will only take place when Kamini  will comes and  wil apologise to Shraddha. She has to come and will have say sorry. Kunal will be shocked and so as everyone.

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