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Gunjan To Steal The Jewellery From Her Own House, Veera To Confront Gunjan In Veera


Beyond Dreams Productions show “Ek Veer Ki Ardaas – Veera” is currently witnessing a marriage sequence of Ranvi(Shivin Narang) and Gunjan(Farnaz Shetty) with high drama.

As Ranvi is just trying to protect Gunjan from her mistake as she went into the vanity van with a crew member who promised her a role in movie, he has taken all the blame on himself which has led to both of them getting married. Gunjan’s father has got an heart attack and he has emotionally blackmailed Gunjan to marry Ranvi, this situations will make this marriage happen.

But Veera(Digangana Suryavanshi) has come to know that her brother is innocent and she is trying her best to reveal the truth before the marriage. She will finally decided to cover a sting operation on Manoj, the crew guy who was with Gunjan that day.

Veera try to save her brother but in vein  The moment she will reach, it will be a big shock as the couple have already been married. This will shatter Veera but still she will tell the truth to Ranvi who will not believe in that sting.

Now in it’s forthcoming episodes The villagers will come for Gunjan’s dikhai and are shocked to see that she has removed the auspicious choodha from her hands. Gunjan will tell them that Ranvi asked her to take it off.

Further, Baldev will come Ranvi’s home to take Gunjan but Ranvi tell Baldev that Gunjan won’t go for the pagphera rasam. Everybody will be in shocked hearing this. Gunjan will beg in front of Bansiri to help her get out of the marriage.

Futher in the story  Gunjan  will steal the jewellery from her own  house and will ask the bank manager to mortgage it for loan. Veera on the otherhand will get slightly suspicious of Gunjan’s intentions and will decide to find out the truth.Veera will confront Gunjan and will show her the proof that Ranvi is innocent in the vanity van case leaving Gunjan in a shocked…

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