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Veera Try To Stop Gunjan-Ranvi Marriage In Veera


High voltage drama waits the viewers of Star Plus Veera in it’s upcoming episodes…

Recently we had seen that  Veera grooms Chaiji for the audition. Veera comforts Ranvijay, and asks him to forget Gunjan. Baldev tries to stop Gunjan from participating in the audition, but in vain. Manoj conducts Gunjan’s audition, and tries to take advantage of her. Kamaal arranges for a vanity van for Chaiji. Gunjan asks Manoj whether she has cleared the audition. Manoj tries to misbehave with Gunjan.

The villagers come to know that a village girl is with one of the film crew members in the vanity man. Villagers will assume that Ranvi misbehaved with Gunjan,but Veera will get to know the casting couch and will decide to help Ranvi and prove his innocence…

Further Balwant wil get a heart attack on knowing the truth and will plead Ranvi to marry Gunjan. Ranvi will inform Ratan about his decision to marry Gunjan. Ratan will get shocked hearing this.

In order to prove Ranvi innocent, Veera decides to collect the proof so Veera will decide to go for the audition to reveal about that casting couch and will record the entire conversation between her and the production team..

Veera will comes to know about Ranvi’s marriage taking place and will decide to stop the wedding at any cost. Veera will tell Ranvi that she has got the proof and Ranvi won’t need to live with Gunjan.

On the otherhand Police will come and will arrest the Culprit

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