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“I Wear Glasses In Real Life Too” Says Drashti Dhami

Drashti Dhami

Rich and glamorous Madhubaala to deglam Jr. Madhubaala just in three days, well not too many actress would be happy donning deglam look but Dhrasti Dhami is enjoying every bit of it.

Dhrashti says “Finally after such a long time I am wearing something light. I like these simple cotton salwar-kameez and simple hair style. Madhubaala loves her Dima (Dadi) very much and cannot disobey her. She wants me to be like this. So here I am, simple and obedient Madhubaala.”

Talking about her power glasses she says, “I wear glasses in real life too. This is not my personal one but it has the same lens power. I don’t have to wear contact lenses for my new look as of now.”

The story after twenty years of leap in “Madhubaala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon” has shifted to Mathura. After RK and Madhu’s death RK’s mom leaves Mumbai and takes her granddaughter Jr. Madhubaala to Mathura. She doesn’t want to have any connection with film world as she lost her son and daughter-in-law due to it. But destiny is all set to bring Jr. Madhubaala back in Mumbai as she is very fond of dance and acting.

Talking about the new storyline Dhrashti Dhami says “We have tried to do something new and fresh. I hope audience likes it. I am waiting for their response.”

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7 thoughts on ““I Wear Glasses In Real Life Too” Says Drashti Dhami

  1. m luvng it..seriously nvr thought i wd luv aftr Rishbala’s death…& Drashti..hats off 2 hr..who wd b ready 2 play a deglam luk…bt she s lukng evn mr cute n ds avatar…cmplt paisa wasool epis nw-a-days..luvng evry bit f it 🙂

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