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Mrityunjay, Radha and Tara Try To Escape From Kalavati Trap But To Fail In Ek Boond Ishq


In Ek Boond Ishq we had seen that Nirmala tries to find out about Mrityunjay and Tara, but in vain. Mrityunjay decides to take Radha home. Jairaaj learns that Raghu is dead. Tara informs Jairaaj that they have found Radha. Jairaaj informs Mrityunjay about Raghu’s death. Mrityunjay conceals about the same from Radha and Tara.She decides to follow them. Kalavati plans to trap Mrityunjay, Tara and Radha.

Source inform that Kalavati will succeed in trapping Mrityunjay, Radha and Tara .Mrityunjay car will be stopped mid-way and he wil be trapped in a net….Kalavati had already trapped Radha and Tara on otherside . After trapping them all  gangsters will starts beating up Mrityunjay -Source adds…

But if sources are to believe After great difficulty, Radha and Tara will trap the gangsters in a net and Mritunjay will manage to fight Kalavati and the trio will try to escape. But things will not go in favor of  Mrityunjay, Radha and Tara.Since Kalavati is much faster then them, will trap them again .

Now it’s interesting to watch will the three ever be free again or will Kalavati kill them before help arises?

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