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Post Marriage Drama Of Zain & Aaliya To Spice Up In Colors “Beintehaa”


Fortune Productions show “Beintehaa” currently witnessed high end drama which ended with Zain(Harshad Arora) and Aaliya(Preetika Rao) forcefully getting married due to unintended situations.

As Aaliya agreed for this marriage because of her father’s ill health and Zain was forced to agree because of his father. But now, as the newlywed will face lot of obstacles from Zain’s family as his mother Suraiya(Suchitra Pillai) is very upset and angry and she will make sure that Aaliya doesn’t enter their house.

She will talk to Aaliya’s mother Shabana(Riva Babbar) and will scare her that it was a bad decision as her daughter will never be happy from this marriage because Zain does not love her and he was forced for this alliance.

This will shock Shabana and she will talk to Zain about this and will make him understand that this marriage was written in destiny and she will also take promise from Zain that he will take care of Aaliya all his life and keep her happy.

Zain is a sensitive guy and as he respect his elders, he will listen to his aunt and will promise to take care of Aaliya.

But was this just for the sake of situation or will Zain accept Aaliya in his life in future?

Gear up for all the post marriage drama of this couple in “Beintehaa” Mon – Fri 9:00 PM only on Colors.

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