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High Voltage Drama In Colors “Beintehaa”


Fortune Productions show “Beintehaa” is currently witnessing dowry drama as Aaliya(Preetika Rao) who was getting married to Zeeshan refused to marry him at the last minute as she came to know that they are demanding 40 Lakhs dowry from her parents.

But Zeeshan instead blames Aaliya and calls her characterless as he saw Zain(Harshad Arora) and Aaliya close many times earlier. And now after this insult, the groom’s family will decide to take revenge from Aaliya.

As per the current track, where Zain misses his flight to Bangkok and comes back to the wedding, his mother will ask him to go back. Being a responsible son, Zain leaves but as he forgets his cell phone this time, he comes again to get it.

Zain being a naughty son, will decide o enter the house secretly as he is scared of his mom that if she sees him, she will get angry. He will finally climb the pipe to directly enter into a room so that nobody notices him.

This is when the dream will begin as Zeeshan’s mama will see Zain entering Aaliya’s room and he will ask everyone to go and watch out for themselves. Aaliya will co incidentally enter the room heartbroken and as she is crying, Zain will help her calm down when they both will hug each other. At the same moment,the families will enter the room and there becomes a big issue after they see Zain and Aaliya so close.

Zeeshan’s family will prove themselves right and blame Aaliya as characterless.

Amidst all this, Aaliya’s father Ghulam(Rituraj) will get an heart attack after this sequence.

It will be exiting to watch what is in store for Zain and Aaliya in the coming episodes.

Stay tuned to “Beintehaa” on Colors Mon – Fri 9:00 PM.

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