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Anand To Tear The Divorce Papers In Star Plus’ Meri Bhabhi


In Star Plus Meri Bhabhi Next Week,Every one will assume that Kittu is pregnant and anand too will get shocked and will think is she really pregnant or not…Anand will goes to meet shraddha in her school and will tell her that kittu refused to eat guavas where in she should eat in pregnancy shraddha will say there are mood swings in pregnancy and handles the situation. Further, Anand will insist her to visit the gynecologist, Shraddha too get  nervou and she goes inside and  will call kunal and will tell him .

Kunal will ask her to get Anand to the clinic after sometime.Anand & Shraddha will hear kittu’s voice at clinic and Anand will turn back and will see Kittu & Kunal who are having golgappes. Shraddha & Anand will hide behind the car,theywill see that kittu is having khatta panipuri and Littu looks at a baby and will pamper him and Anand will see all that.

Shraddha  will think that its working.Shraddha will ask kittu to start dancing as its jaya’s 1st lohri and she will drag kittu to dance. Kittu will start dancing & Anand will get angry as he thinks that she is pregnant and will yell in front of everyone and will ask her to stop dancing. Everyone will get shocked.Next day Zor & Amrit will come and will say that now Anand & Kittu should take divorce and will get the divorce papers.On this Anand will get angry and will tear the divorce papers saying that its his and kittus matter they both will handle it.

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