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CID Team To Solve The Simulator Room Murder Case This Weekend


Sony Entertainment Television’s CID team has solved many of the most unusually cases in the past 16 years now it’s back with yet another one. The episode starts with a murder of a rich businessman, Manish, who is killed inside a simulator room, while he is taking lessons of flying in a zero gravity environment. CID team enters the very strange crime scene, where the body was floating along with the blood in the air, in zero gravity and the body was brought down later by Arun, who runs the Space travel program. This has caused the blood splatter in the room to be also very strange.
Cops are confused more when they see that the cause of Manish’s death was a bullet. They see an entry wound on his chest. He was alone in the simulator room when the bullet was fired and the cops are not able to find any gun. Then how and who shot Manish? Meanwhile CID is also questioning the family of Manish and find out that Manish’s wife is absconding. Manish was a millionaire, but had surprisingly decided to sell off all his property and go to the moon for a vacation leaving absolutely nothing for his wife and his 2 brothers in the will.
CID at the simulator decides to recreate the scenario as Nikhil wears the flying suit this time and enters the simulator. But when Nikhil is flying in the air, to look for the gun, he too is mysteriously shot.

So who is the murderer? How will CID solve this case?

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