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Surya To Realize Arunasur’s Evil Plan In Devon Ke Dev Mahadev

In Life OK’s Devon Ke Dev Mahadev We Had Seen That Narad worries about Kamdhenu’s whereabouts and enquires with the rishis about the same. The rishis berate Indradev for not taking care of Kamdhenu.  The five deities of Swarg Lok become impressed with Arunasur for arranging for a grand feast for them.  He intends to assassinate a cow by accusing her of consuming a necklace of a farmer. Loknath and his wife try to investigate about the same

Now In It’s Upcoming Episodes, Manik will offer to donate the money to Loknath but Loknath will ask him to reconsider his decision.King Arimardan will be in adamant and will tell his chief that Manik has to bring money and horses or else they will have to face the consequences.

Furthermost, Loknath  will arrange ten thousand horses and will allow Arimardan to keep the horses but will ask him to take care of them.Here In Arunasur’s Place Arunasur will make the palaces for all three elemental god and , Arunasur will ask them to enter but Surya will realize Arunasur’s evil plan and refuse to enter.But All five elemental Gods will get trapped in Arunasur’s trap. On the other side Parvati will decide to sit in meditation and will control their energies.

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