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Pankhuri To Leave Diwan Niwas In Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

In Star Plus‘s Pyaar Ka Dard Hai , This Week Aditya will convince Pankhuri for the divorce and Pankhuri will agreed only for Adi’s sake, Here chote nana comes and tells that they are doing a wrong thing and will tell he realize how wrong he was..

Than, Aditya and  Pankhuri will  go to avantika and  harish house and will tell them of their decision, both will be  livid and than Adi will explain his pov and will tell them it is his marraige vows he is fullfilling, listening this  harish  will not agree but avantika who doesnt agree also decides to support the children. Here nani tells anuj of their situation in her own way by manupilating anuj in believing Adi & Pankhuri did it for selfish reason.

Kaira who is there screams at nani leading up to a confrontation where anuj  will raise his hand on kaira. Kaira will be in shock and she will talk to Aditya and Pankhuri who will say her to  concentrate on rubel as of now and will told her they  know what we are doing..

This Decision will  shocked all of the family member.. Shanky will be  emotional and will outburst and will refuse to let Pankhuri to go from the house, here Aditya will call Ambika who is shocked and will decide  to go to bombay without letting anyone else in the house to know the truth..Avantika and Preeti  will find many copies of the cd and will decide to destroy it and will warn nani .

Here Pankhuri will leave the house and will goes away  and will come to her new house .But Before that Adi will go to the house and will one section like the kullu house, Otherside  Rubel will goes through the operation and his health will be better though thievish out of coma but his improving  news make nani and latika  psyched.

Latika will decides and told that she needs to do something. Here Adi Pankhu in the new house will spent some moments.Adi will give her a list of instructions as  she is alone for the 1st time  And next day ambika diwakar  will reach and they insist on taking her back.Adi and Pankhu will talk to her and  but ambika will decide to stay back.

Further, Aditya will Miss Pankhuri and will decide to come to meet her but security stops him and Rahul comes to his rescue as he also stay in the same building, and  Adi  will goes to Meet Pankhuri .

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