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‘Amita Ka Amit’ will take six-month leap: Nishad

Nishad Vaidya, who plays Amit in “Amita Ka Amit”, said that the show will take a six-month leap and his on-screen wife Amita will leave him and go away. “Our show is taking a leap of six months and I pray that wherever Amita is, she comes back,” Nishad told reporters here on the set of the show while shooting for the sequence. “In the show, Amita and I had a discussion regarding our child. After pregnancy complications, the baby died. After that we again had a discussion and because of that she left home,” he added. In the show, Chandni Bhagwanani plays Amita and it traces the journey of a couple who are brought together through an arranged marriage. Will Chandni come back as Amita or will she be replaced by another actress? “I don’t know anything but I think Amita may come back in her changed look (but actress will be the same),” Nishad said.

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