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Veera To Save Ratan & Ranvi From Kartaar In Veera.

In Star Plus’s Ek Veer Ki Ardaas :Veera we had seen that Kartaar kidnaps Ranvijay. Veera goes in search of Ranvijay. Kartaar informs Ranvijay that he has escaped from the prison and he will marry Ratan. Veera asks Bansari to persuade Balwant to search for Ranvijay.  Veera finds Ranvijay’s school bag and his belongings as she goes in search of him.

Now In It’s Upcoming Episodes,Veera will be shocked to see Kartaar as Ranvijay’s kidnapper.Ratan will also get shocked ,An obsessed Kartaar has taken Ranvijay in his refuge and will ask Ratan to marry him.

Further, Veera will sees all this and Veera will decide to do something to save Ratan and Ranvijay from Kartaar’s menace & veera will succeed in saving Ratan & Ranvi from Kartaar.

Later, A group of children from the city will  come to spend their holidays in Pritampura and will end up picking a fight with Veera.

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