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Kapil’s Plan To Back Fire Him,Pankhuri To See Revaathy Leaving The House In Pyaar Ka Dard Hai.

In This Week Of  Star Plus‘s Pyaar Ka Dard Hai we will get to see  Pankhu will get call from Avantika informing her that adi passed the lie detector test  and she will be happy so will be the rest of  family but mano And company will be worried. Vikram will tell Adi will be conducting more tests as these tests are not accurate. Pankhu  has decided to go to delhi and mano will come to know that  kapil  too is going to Delhi on which kapil will says that I am also going to go to delhi and make do something which will make adi case worst and in which he will include Pankhu also so these sharts won’t matter. Here pankhu will goes to delhi and will meet adi there moment.

Furthermost, Rubel will also comes and so does kapil and there will a hit n miss between Rubel & Kapil .Here Adi Will meets pankhu &  rubel and Rubel will apologize to adi and all its a emotional time. Here kapil will plant a man to go and say to vikram that pankhu has sent u money as bribe,Here pankhu will be called and drama will turn  when vikram will starts to question the guy only as vikram ko uspe shak hua hai and kaise kapil vo uss bande se co ordinate kar raha tha manages to flee in the nick of time.

Here Adi ka case is strengthen due to this incident so kapil and company plan will Back fire them.Here pankhu will come back and the constant countdown of the sharte is going on. There will be major hope of adi getting bail …

kaira told that ladke wale dekhne aa rahe hai revathy ko and here mano smartly manupilates anuj and says u plz tell pankhu to stay away from the boy and his family.

Anuj will come and will say so and pankhu  will feel bad. Rubel will get to know of this and how pankhu calms him down and instructs kaira to take care of revathy Here ladke wale come and without pankhu being here mano uses the situation for her advantage and kaise doesn’t let revathy even talk to the boy and fixes up the sagai next day making a bahana of unauspicious time ahead.

Here in the night pankhu will see smone leaving the house and we reveal it is a revaathy who is running away from the house as she doesn’t want to get married as she is a widow & Pankhuri will ran after her…

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