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Mangla To Allow Poonam To Stay With Them For 6 Months In Ek Ghar Banaunga


In Star Plus’s Ek Ghar Banaunga, Previous Episode We Had Seen That  Aakash’s grandmother arrives at the wedding venue and learns about his marriage with Poonam. She hurries home to stop the engagement ceremony. Tara arrives at Aakash’s house, with her family. They enquire about Aakash. Aakash’s mother tries to call his grandmother. Poonam becomes devastated as she has to leave home. Prabhunath tells Aakash that he will come to meet his parents. Aakash assures him that he will convince his parents. He becomes worried about Prabhunath and Vandana’s stay.

In It’s Coming Episodes,Garg family will be shocked to see Akash and Poonam married. Tara’s father, Awadh will get furious and will force Akash to tie a knot with his daughter. Akash will be annoyed.While the Garg family will refuse to accept the marriage,but Akash will try to resolve Prabhunath and Vandana’s issue.

On the other hand, the entire family will be worried about Dadi’s health. Tara’s Brother will blame Akash for spoiling his sister’s life while Awadh enters with Tara, who has slashed her wrist. To resolve this chaos, Shashikant will decides to call Poonam’s father.Poonam will be interviewed by reporters for going against the dowry system.

Futhurmost, Mangla will  take all the credit by saying that Akash supported Poonam, because she has instilled good values in him.Poonam will plead to Akash’s family to let her to stay with them for six months, after which she will leave. To everyone’s surprise, Mangla  will agree to let Poonam stay with them.

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