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Preeti To Call-Off Her Marriage With Sameer In Pyaar Ka Drad Hai.

High Voltage Drama & Conspiracy Will Continue In Next Week Episodes Of  Star Plus‘s Pyaar Ka Dard Hai. In Its Previous Episode It Had Been Seen That Sammer’s Family Come To Meet Diwan Family To Talk About Preeti-Sameer Marriage.Meanwhile Rubal  think of a plan to make Aditya feel more guilty of his act , As a result of which today Police will come to arrest Aditya, which will shocked all Diwan Family.

But Some How Avantika Will Bring Aditya Out Of That Trouble. Henceforth It Will Be Shown That Rubel Will Continue To Ploy Against Diwan,   Rubel will meet Sadanand and will brainwashes him to get the papers signed. Harish  wishes that Pankhuri and Aditya remain as a happy couple forever.

Futhurmost, Rubel and Latika will lose the important documents given to them by Sadanand. However, Pankhuri and Preeti will manage to get the papers back.With Sameer’s help, Pankhuri and Preeti will catch hold of Rubel as he wants to use the important document for his  benefit.

Otherside, Preeti Will called-off Her Marriage With Sameer & Aditya will be shocked after he comes to know that Preeti has call-off her marriage with Sameer.Aditya will be  grief-stricken after his debacle with Preeti. However, Pankhuri will comforts him and will plan to  takes him on a holiday but her plans will be faltered after Avantika intervenes.

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