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Arjun To Solve Mysterious Case This Weekend (22nd Dec-23rd Dec)


Arjun, 22nd December 2012,Saturday, 8:00 PM, Star Plus:

A rave party brighten a remote uninhabited place, smoke is rising high, alchohol and drugs flows through the young ones leaving them floating. The mystical Beauties sway to the peppy music. Suddenly A gunshot shrills the place, Panic shocks. Next day Son of high profiled NRI Industrialist is missing, Last seen in the party following one of the main dancer. ETF investigation begins to track this youngster leads through a whole new world of drugs, rave parties, and club culture in Mumbai. as ETF gets closer to the truth, some startling revelations shock them.

Arjun, 23rd December 2012, Sunday,8:00 PM, Star Plus:

A renowned and affluent builder Mahesh receives an unusual courier, 2 movie tickets which are 30 year old addressed to a different name but right address. It appears harmless but Mahesh looks troubled. The next day, his body is found near his own construction site. ETF is called in and investigation begins, With just 2 old movie tickets, and a movie name. Arjun and team begin the investigation, as they crack through the past , and joining dots, it arrives at another murder. 
What is the mystery.

3 thoughts on “Arjun To Solve Mysterious Case This Weekend (22nd Dec-23rd Dec)

  1. Wow…..
    Arjun is the bestest show….n Shaleen bro is the bestest actor…..
    love u bro n the team Arjun….
    superb team….
    love Arjun bro

  2. Wow. Realy nice. I lik Nadiya bt as a cop.dnt show dat Nadiya luv Arjun. Nt prfct mch.Only Riya is prtct 4 Arjun.kaas woh hoti ..kyun Riya? Riya ke bhina Arjun adhura sa hai…SAMJHEE YA SAMJHAUN

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