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Telly News Exclusive: Detail Story Of “Kaali:Ek Punar Avataar” For Next Week ( 9th December-14th December)

 Rajjan in Vaani’s house talks to Nimai and Vani, appreciating Nimai’s courage and simultaneously underestimates saying they do not match his status.Vani and Nimai surprised to see the weird behaviour of Rajjan. Rajjan returns home and announces Sayali’s marriage with Nimai. Vani worried shares with her mother the way rajjan behaved with them and refuses to tie up with a family like Rajjan Tyagi but Nani pacifies her and makes her understand that its about Nimai’s happiness and everything will be fine. Sayali overjoyed calls Nimai who guesses the good news of Tyagi agreeing to their Marriage and both are happy. Shayamali and samar overhears them and Samar infuriated.Nimai overjoyed gives the news to the family about Tyagi agreeing to their marriage with Sayali. Samar is furious as rajjan has accepted Sayali for nimai but rajjan explains that Sayali has been lucky for him as when she was born, he got the liquor contract and how he would very soon take away this happiness from her. Sayali insists Nimai to take her to clock tower where she declares her love to Nimai and both embrace each other. Nimai jokes that after he would die, he would haunt this place rather than the peepal tree and sayali scolds him for bringing out a morose subject at this time. Samar furiously sees Nimai and sayali hug and Kiss each other at the Tyagi house gate. Vaani is making arrangements for the engagement when samar with his men carrying gift arrives. Vani family is surprised and Samar boasts about his status and offers Nimai suitcase full of money to match his standards but Vani gives back and refuses to accept.

Vani and Nimai refuses to accept the gifts offered from Samar. Samar infuriated leaves. Vani invites Mahesh Mama and Mani for engagement. Engagement Preparations going on in Tyagi’s house. Samar informs Tyagi about Nimai refusing the gift and money but Tyagi tells him to calm down and plan for future. Shayamali gives Sayali the costumes to be worn for engagement. Nimai gets a call from Tyagi house that he needs to visit the Deviji and take her blessings before the engagement. Nimai is upset as vani withdrew her PF, but Vani makes Nimai understand the situation. Nimai leaves to meet the Devi ji and enters a dark room and is surprised to see someone sitting, wrapped in cloth. He realizes the person is Sayali and angry oh her, he leaves. Sayali aghast.Nimai is surprised to see Sayali’s prank as Deviji. Nimai gifts Sayali Vani’s sari to be worn for engagement and both share romantic moments. Nimai returns home and shares with Pankhi that Sayali had called him. As Nimai is talking to his friends, Vaani remembers Nimai’s best friend Om and asks Nimai to call him and resolve differences. Mama, mami arrive, Nani taunts Mama for coming late and mami says that Nimai has tied up with a rich family, Nimai and Vani feel awkward. Pankhi invites everyone for dance. Vani and Nimai get emotional remembering the father. Vani shares that Nimai’s father wished to see him in the turban as Dulha. Shyamali scolds Sayali for wearing Vani’s saari but Rajjan supports Sayali and scolds Shayamali. Vani and family gettind ready for Engagement, Nimai gets an urgent call from the Manager to meet the client and Nimai informs that Vani apprehensive.As Nimai leaves, Vani apprehensive gives a lemon to nimai for his safety and asks him to return soon. Sayali and others leave for engagement hall. 
Samar on the roadside with his jeep waiting for Badri. Vani and family too leave for the hall, worried for Nimai. Both the family meet and greet each other. Vani informs Rajjan that Nimai had to go for urgent work. The song plays and everyone enjoying, Rajjan and Nai dances to the tume. Vani worriedly waiting for Nimai, calling him every now and then. Sayali too waiting for Nimai. Pankhi asks Sayali if its her prank and she knows where Nimai is but Sayali is ignorant and too waiting for Nimai. Time passes and all enjoying the ceremony but Vani getting apprehensive for her son as he hast returned yet.

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