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Khushi Goes Missing In Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doo


Khushi & Arnav Gets Ready For Their Marriage And Khushi Waits For Arnav At The Venue But Dadi Takes Arnav And Tell Him The Truth About Garima, Listening That Arnav Leave And Khushi Will Realize That Arnav Dump Her So He Leave The Venue .Than Khushi Goes Missing.

33 thoughts on “Khushi Goes Missing In Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doo

  1. Well we have all been expecting this for quite a while now but that doesn’t mean it would hurt any less……. well m all prepared for sore eyes in near future 🙁

  2. no problem at all i m loving the current track and love ipkknd and i will never stop watching it ,loved todays episode of ipkknd arshi has the best chemistry in d world….

  3. Today’s episode was the best! If Khushi! I’m afraid that she would think that Arnav used her and she will disappear :-(((((

  4. wow i am awaiting for some intense arnav realising his mistake scene. 🙂 🙂 I am not at all sad after reading this, tbh my excitement just increased xD

    1. yes actually arnav should also suffer some…as khushi has suffered a lot b/c of him..but still loved him..when he said”main tmsy mla he kyu…tm meri zindagi main i kyu”..and “ksi ko apny itny qarib nae anay dena chahye k wo apko hurt kr skay”..and that all which he did with her 🙁

  5. LUV u arshi forever…….i cannot jst live without arshi…..i luv the current track….& i promise to watch never stop watching it…..luv u arshi…luv u ipkknd.

  6. If this is the thing then no one will watch your show for sure., great flop hoga ye show., If both of them get married then only there is some meaning for the serial., or else its almost equal to other flop serials.,

  7. I just don’t want Khushi being humiliated again n again, she has been a punching bag n has been humiliated time n again, this has to stop, there’s a limit to everything. Arnav must stand by Khushi, otherwise what they’ve shown till now, Arnav n Khushi’s relationship growing their understanding for each other makes no sense? I hope they don’t the cliched pregnancy way and spoil a wonderful n unique love story?Remarriage must take place, otherwise it makes no sense.

    Many viewers are tired of watching the evil win all the time and this passion of the makers “Khushi’s humiliation”.

  8. Www no that not fare on Khushi that Arnav doesn’t may her and then she goes missing. I wounder how would Arvan know that Khushi is missing. I think shyam some has a hand in about Khushi going missing. In other wards Shyam kidnaps Khushi like he kidnaped Arnav.

  9. I feel ASR goes to the garden and KKG too will go there eventually. He will tell KKG whatever dadi told him, not wanting to repeat the mistake he did during Payash wedding night. They both decide and come back to the venue, get married and a big slap on Dadi and Shyam’s face

  10. I dont understand y Kushi surrendered herself so suddenly?After waiting so long,she does it just before her wedding.
    I wasn’t expecting this now…The romance is going to end it seems….

  11. plzaisa nae hona chahye khuhi aur arnav ki shadi hojani chahye
    aur dadi ko kia zarurat thi arnav ko sach btanay ki wo bhi shadi ke din

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